Skills I want to pick up in 2022

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Skills I want to pick up in 2022

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Frontend πŸ’»


Vue has been on my radar for quite sometime now. I even committed to learn it last year with the #100daysOfCode challenge on twitter, but was not able to finish it.

Also, the Vue3 with combination of Nuxt3 will be a game changer.


"TypeScript is the next natural step after learning JavaScript" is what I have read and heard.

It only feels right to learn it to keep up with everyone given that all modern JS framework support TypeScript and there is a certain hype to develop Vue3 apps using TypeScript.

More JavaScript

Being the core to Frontend Dev, there is still a lot for me to learn in JavaScript, specially using npm modules.

As written by Elijah Trillionz in his recent blog You Don't Need To Learn ReactJS Now , one can do pretty much everything that is required with Javascript.

Honestly, JavaScript should always be on this list. I started learning JS back in 2020 when I build the Flickzee Chrome Extension, and even after a dozen months, I still have so much JS to learn.

Backend πŸ”Œ

More Django

Django was the first Framework I ever used without knowing JavaScript and it has a special place for me. It brought me my first online income and got me into the world of Web Dev. Last year I was more focused on Frontend(HTML/CSS/JS), Open Source, Technical Writing and almost sidelined Django.

I'll be digging up some old Django projects this year and there is a lot of learning given the launch of Django 4.0,with new features and upgrades.


I was motivated by Raza Zaidi and Mike from HTML All the Things Podcast to learn and post about topics which are less focused on Tech Twitter, because let's be honest.. Sometimes it feels like JavaScript is the only thing on Tech Twitter.

I used it to create a simple API for tabsMonster and gonna post it soon on Hashnode. Also plan to dive in it a little bit.

DataBases πŸ—³


Supabase is an Open Source Firebase alternative which I have been following for the last year.

I have been using Relational Databases for all my previous projects, and Supabase was a great upgrade as it removes the need for Middleware and provides API for simple operations with the Database.

I had a quick intro to Database and Storage features with the python client for Supabase last year, and would want to work with Authentication, Functions and Realtime features.

There have been huge investments in the project and we can expect a lot of features in the coming future.

Technical Writing βœ’


For me, Technical Writing is a way to create resources so that my past, my future and my current self would benefit from it.

If I strictly write about the same type of things, it will get tedious as Daniel Cranney said, but I plan to write about my side projects ,taking the readers through the process of building it.

The speakers at the Hashnode Bootcamp last year gave a great insight to a variety of perspectives surrounding Technical Writing.

Project/Time Management ⏳


After playing around with Clickup for almost a year, finally got the unlimited plan. Highly customizable, meets all my needs.

Great way to connect your Tasks to GitHub, manage your Social time table and log my time.

Also, the docs are a great plus while writing blogs as you can easily export the markdown from the docs and use that directly in Hashnode.

Recommended 10/10.

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