Why ClickUp inspires me the most and why?

Why ClickUp inspires me the most and why?

What is ClickUp you might ask?

See for yourself !!!


The Product

Free forever. No Credit cards are required.

The support for every type of company, and department covering every possible use case of project Management, ClickUp truly stands true to its tagline --

One app to replace them all.


ClickUp covers all platforms on all devices. They even have a chrome extension!

With a TON of features and competitive pricing, ClickUp provides integration with other apps like Slack, GitHub, MS Teams, and many more...

24*7 Support

A good support team working around the clock to help with any minor to major issues, even consulting.

A real story- is that I deleted an empty folder from my workspace and my docs that were attached also got deleted( I had just started writing blogs on Hashnode)

I was bummed out and the support team came forward and helped me restore all my work.

Technical Support.png

Demei, Anthony, and the Engineering team, Thank You Guys ❣️

For Developers

Being a developer, I am always looking for third-party apps to use, and with ClickUp's API 2.0.

ClickUp™ API Docs - Brave.png

I plan to integrate it into Public Feedback App for my side projects.

They even have an Engineering Blog !!!

ClickUp Engineering.png


I've used JIRA, Trello, Notion, and Basecamp personally and professionally, but ClickUp is different.

The UI, the playfulness, the features... I enjoy using ClickUp as a product. And ClickUp provides seamless migration from a bunch of different Project Management software.

Not only that, ClickUp likes to rub its nose in it.


The Company

Core Values

ClickUp has a very interesting, to-the-point CORE value list they look for in an employee.

ClickUp Values.png

The best one being

Normal f*cking sucks!

Energy and Youthfulness

The Company is run by a group of people who aim at redefining productivity. With a high bar set for itself, ClickUp aims at saving a day a week.

Save one Day a week.png

The company hosted the Second Annual Productivity Conference LEVEL UP which was attended by 45,000 people worldwide virtually.

I'm just amazed by the fact that the Dark Side(Bar) was thought of, and approved by the company. 😂

Dark Side


I was reading up on an blog and the SVP of Engineering had listed down issues they were facing and how they are creating a more robust and reliable architecture.

With a goal set to release at least one new feature of improvement every single week, they have a public roadmap for what is coming up next.


You can even upvote the upcoming features !!!


After being listed in the Forbes Cloud 100 with a $4B valuation and 6 million users in 2022, ClickUp has grown a lot from 2017.

And all this does not happen overnight.


The marketing team at ClickUp finds every opportunity to show off the Product/Company.

I mean I am no expert in marketing, but have you seen the ClickUp advertisements on YouTube?

Only ads I would watch without skipping !!

Always reminding users that they can always migrate to better products and pricing for a better User Experience.

Learning ClickUp

The company has created a whole catalogue for people to learn about ClickUp.

From YouTube tutorials, to blogs and the recent launch of ClickUp University , the company aims to provide a quick learning curve for faster adaptation of the product.

2022-08-29 16_14_34-ClickUp University - Brave.png

Ending Note

While searching up for the blog, I came across an article listing down things on should consider for in a tech company

  • Industry Growth
  • Company Culture
  • Opportunity to Develop Skills
  • Ability to be creative

And some others.

To me, ClickUp passed most of the Criteria.

This Blog was written in ClickUp Docs. Thanks for Reading !

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